A bit overdue perhaps, but here is a first batch of shots from my recent ski trip to Zermatt, Switzerland.  Snow conditions were probably the best I've ever seen in the Alps, with our days alternating between awful vis and great snow, or great vis and no new snow.  In general, there was more fresh powder out there than I think I've ever had the privilege of playing in, so no complaining from me!  The skiing and scenery were truly incredible, and it was really an excellent time all around, absurd cost of doing anything beyond sitting in a free park in CH aside. (probably you have to pay someone minimum wage to do that as well!)  Our joke was that you can't really transact in Zermatt in anything less than 20s....sad but mostly true!

 I snuck along a smaller camera for more actual skiing that I ever have before, hoping to get some decent shots of the Matterhorn and of the slopes.  Ultimately, I ended up converting many of my shots to B&W as seen here, as I felt it better represented how the pics felt when I took them.  B&W provided the feeling of darting in and out of the thick snowstorms we often found ourselves skiing through, and seemed to bring out more detail after processing than the color version did out of the camera.  I'll put some more traditional color ones up soon, but for now here are some of the more interesting ones.