This next gallery is from a few days in Ha Noi, Vietnam.  Overall, Ha Noi comes across as a still rather slow place, out of tune with the epic developments and progress being made in other areas, mostly further South.  Still, I enjoyed walking around, seeing a lot of the Communist influences still going strong (Bureaucracy in particular), a fairly unique French cultural heritage and presence, and enjoying the Old Town in particular.  Here are a few of my favourites from Ha Noi.  Three of which are from the Old Town area, and one from the military museum.  

The Minsk bike is an interesting story, as while I was there an article came out in the WSJ about the expat biking clubs in Vietnam.  I gather the bike is very easy to fix on the road, and at least historically cheap to operate, but now parts are becoming a bit more rare.  They even have an annual "Minsk Olympics" where they play various games from their bikes...all of which sounds pretty crazy till you spend some time in Vietnam and see just how key motorbikes are to one's life.  Regardless here is a link to the article, and the Minsk bike club, hope you enjoy the pictures...and click on the Main Gallery link below to check out the rest...   


WSJ Article on the "Beast from from Belarus"

Minsk Club Vietnam:


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