I took this shot a few weeks ago while on on a walk around Moscow.  I think this is the prototypical Soviet student of the 1950s, she sits down at the front door of Moscow State University forever reading up on Nuclear Physics and pondering how to build bigger Hydrogen bombs and win the arms race I'm sure.  The University building itself is an amazing site, classical Soviet design, and one of the "Seven Sisters" of wedding-cake buildings favoured by Stalin and scattered about Moscow.  The part you can see in the picture behind is just one of the wings that serve as dormitories to the main structure in the center, and when finished this building was 7th tallest in the world, and apparently tallest outside of NYC to boot.  The campus sits up on the Sparrow Hills (ex Lenin Hills) and dominates the Moscow skyline from one of the few areas with any elevation.  I think Soviet design is pretty polarizing, you either love it or hate it, but you have to give them credit for being inspirational, although this girl looks pretty serious!