Finally done with 1400 S. African pics, so they will be flowing online in the days and weeks ahead.  I always struggle with the conflict of processing all my shots to keep them as memories, versus focusing on the good ones to see what can really be made of them, and trying to get them done in the same year they are taken!  Processing 1400 RAWs, even at 1-3min a shot, it takes quite a while, hence my delivery of shots taken in Feb by mid-May.  Still the result is that I have halfway decent trip records for reminiscing purposes, and have at least a good idea of what I might want to spend more time on for wall or other uses in the future.     

These shots were taken at "World of Birds" oddly enough.  A cultural landmark of the Cape Town area (ha ha), World of Bird's highlight is actually its collection of squirrel monkeys that roam freely around a decent sized enclosure.  Unsuspecting tourists enter the cage and get swarmed by the little guys who pull your hair, steal your sunglasses, and chase anything shiny, while entertaining to no end.  They are great fun, and apparently are one of the few types of monkeys that are generally allowed in the same room with the general public.  Of course, I was hanging out with sharks this same week, so who knows, maybe the rules in South Africa are just different!