Well, I've been a little lax in posting of late.  In part because I was in Greenland for few weeks this summer, and then upon returning have spent nearly 100% of my time working, primarily on Greenland related issues.  In my current role Aug is one of the most dead periods of the year, but that can mean extra stress and challenges in getting normal business done.  

 For those who don't know, my firm is conducting a summer drill and exploration campaign 250 miles south of the North Pole looking for iron ore, and I was lucky enough to get to return to my military roots briefly and camp out in the Arctic for a few weeks in June and July under 24hr sunlight.  Needless to say the experience was amazing, really a once in a lifetime treat, and I took full advantage when possible to shoot.  Getting out and about whenever it was possible, using our various charter helicopters for aerial shots, and hoping to get some winners for our marketing materials and annual report.  I've actually already had one shot published in a magazine article from the trip!      

 To prepare for my visit I bought a new camera and a new lens, and so was doing something not generally recommended; trialing new equipment on site.  Still, things worked reasonably well, I shot video for the first time extensively, and I returned with several thousand pictures that needed review and processing....thank you for Lightroom!  I also realized that the 36MP my new Nikon boasts creates truly massive files and puts extreme stress on what I thought was a fairly fast Core i7 computer system with 12GB of RAM!  Saving a file after processing in my D700 was instantaneous, but now can drag on for 10 or 15 seconds per shot, which over the course of a session can really add up.  So for nearly the first time I'm upgrading a computer that is actually processor constrained, versus the usual upgrade because of some cool new tech...hexcore chip here I come!

 In any case, I will start to share some of the better ones over the next weeks, but don't want to do the traditional dump 100 shots online as so many of us do after vacations and adventures, forcing the reader to either sort through them or just take a pass.  I'll try and speckle a few here and there.  

  These first few then are from some of the various charter flights we took in and around Greenland.  I ended up volunteering for a five hour unpressurized flight alone in the cargo hold of our Twin Otter, and as it turns out there were huge gaps between the doors and the body of the aircraft, letting in the arctic breezes at 10,000ft!  I left an hour before my compatriots in their much more modern charter aircraft, and they arrived in Greenland an hour before me on the same route! Did I mention there were no bathrooms! Scenery was nice however, and a taste of what was to come!