Recently I had the chance to go shooting out in the wilds of Texas with Jack, a great old friend of mine.  Despite having been in the military for some years, I'm only mildly proficient with weaponry, and much better at identifying and countering weapons systems on paper than with using them myself!  I did however carry a 9mm to bed for six months in Afghanistan some years ago, although that pales to what many military friends in other career fields do daily.  That said, I do enjoy breaking out the ammunition and shooting targets or skeet once in awhile.  This visit offered the chance to sample multiple weapons from Jack's armory, and thus the unique opportunity to compare and contrast various pistols and even a semi-automatic rifle.  As you can see from the shots it was a beautiful Fall day in Texas, the landscape was a welcome break from the urban grind...and the John J. Rambo poses...classic!

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