So I was up in England's famous Lake District not that long ago, visiting a place about which I'd heard much, but seen little.  It’s tucked away in the NW corner of England, not far south of the border with Scotland.  This visit was over a fabulous Fall weekend, and the foliage was quite impressive to behold.  Oddly though I ended up with better pictures of the mountains than the lakes themselves, but really they were all caused by the same glaciers right?  Odd fact recently confirmed by Wikipedia but which one does actually notice...only one "lake" is actually called a lake, the rest go by "mere", "waters", "tarns" or "reservoirs"...and anyway these shots were taken on a drive through a country back-road that cut up and through a steep mountain pass.  Luckily the rental VW had a hill control feature that auto-braked the car when in neutral, stopping it from sliding down some of these crazy roads.  I love when random technologies you didn’t even know you had come in handy!  In any case, the lesson of the day was that sometimes following the Nav system up one-way roads yields real benefits!