While I was visiting New Zealand I was lucky enough to stumble upon a chance to dive with the local Dolphins.  Now this wasn't quite the same diving as I had just done at the Barrier Reef in Australia, but it was pretty cool nonetheless.  We were outfitted with wetsuits and snorkels and then took a boat out to the bay where the dolphins are usually found.  After a sighting the boat attempted to close with them, and once close enough everyone jumped out and splashed around making silly dolphin noises and doing shallow dives before our wetsuits and lack of air dragged us back to the surface.

 Sure enough many of the rather more suave dolphins would notice these ridiculous looking humans clearly out of their element and come over to investigate and tease us.  We were largely able to really interact with them underwater as they swam around us before deciding to move on to more interesting attractions.  Here are a few I took from the boat during our afternoon out on the water.