One thing that becomes perfectly clear in driving around the South Island of New Zealand is how amazing many of the road journeys tend to be.  Not to say there aren't a few stretches of monotony, but seriously NZ appears to have perhaps the best vista per/km (VpKm) ratio of nearly any place I've ever been (Greenland would be close if it had many (any!) roads!).  

The problem of course with any place with such a high VpKm is that you have to stop constantly to enjoy and shoot all of this great scenery, which naturally means one doesn't make great progress during one's trip, complicating itineraries, and forcing lots of night driving to catch up.  

These two shots were taken during one of my frequent driving breaks both slightly north of Queenstown and I think well illustrate the point!  Would you be able to drive on through these areas without pulling over?  So, you've been warned...if you go tour NZ plan on doubling the amount of time actually needed to get from A to B and of course enjoy the ride...