So, I've in part been very bad about updating this blog as I learned not that long ago that my old blog-site Posterous, was in fact going to close, which it did last night.  It was recently bought by Twitter, which then deemed it perfectly sensible to kill it....right... I'm sure that makes sense somewhere.  Thus ensued a scramble to export all of this old data to a new site, now hosted by the more reliable Square Space, and hopefully expand things as well, the initial version of which appears here.  Here is to a new home then, from the ruins of the old!      

You can find me from here on then at  Let me know what you think about the new digs.  I've tried to add a few more bits than I had on the old page, so we'll see how that works out going forward.     

This shot is once again from an Ireland visit.  We stopped along a small side-road to check out these small ruins and the nearby herds of sheep.  Finding the right angle took some time, but ultimately the green Irish grass did its magic and the shot came together nicely.  It does sort of seem that Ireland is defined by pictures like this...fair or not...I'll take them every time! 

Irish Ruins