Beyond starting to mine crypto currencies this Xmas, I've also finally found time to go back and process a bunch of diving photos from last year.  I had worked on several shots while on the live-aboard diving boat during the trip itself, but then came back to London and was distracted for oh...a year or so.  Now I've caught up a bit, and the results have been fun to see. 

During the trip we participated in a shark feed, in which all the divers sit in a shallow rock amphitheater about 10m underwater and watch as the trip operators feed tuna heads to 25+ hungry sharks.  The heads come out in a barrel like device attached to a float, and the sharks I gather over time have become somewhat used to this event and clearly eagerly anticipate it.   

Most of the sharks involved are reef and whitetips and so aren't a real threat of any kind, but still look pretty impressive close-up and in the wild.  As a precaution the operators wear a chain-mail type glove to open the bucket and release the heads which are attached to a line, and then the sharks along with smaller fish swarm the device and fight each other for 5min or so before each head is violently torn off and the lucky owner quickly disappears into the deep with his treasure.  At one point a shark even became stuck in the mess, attached to the line and the animal thrashing about, before freeing itself and leaving numerous teeth behind for divers to collect as mementos.  

I was about 10 feet away from this event with my camera and I have to say it was one of the cooler things I've ever witnessed.  They are massively impressive animals even more so during a virtual feeding frenzy at close range.  This experience and my adventure diving with the great whites in South Africa taught me that as humans in the water we are very much guests in their element!   

Here then are some of my new favorites from the trip and that experience in particular... 


Sunset over the Coral Sea


Elusive Manta Ray

First in Line 



They can smell it

Bucket Loaded


The moment...

Feeding Time


Food Fight's what's for dinner