When people look at my photos, they always rave on about "What an amazing camera I must have", etc etc.  I'm always kind of surprised that they don't realize that this is mildly insulting...as if the pictures take and process themselves...but so it goes.  So here is what's in my bag as of today:

Nikon D800E

-Nikon's semi-pro 36MP monster, with the anti-aliasing filter removed (for the non tech-savvy that's an extra layer that used to be needed to avoid artifacts from certain backgrounds but had the side effect of reducing sharpness, clearly no longer needed!), probably more camera than 95% of us need as the media likes to prattle on about, and will require a complete computer rebuild or new purchase for many, but arguably the last camera many of us will need for some time.  Add internal GPS to this and I'm pretty much done for 10 years.  I jumped from my D700 mostly because of the extra resolution and handy video features.  

Nikon 14-24 F2.8

-The best ultrawide for SLRs, this is so good Canon people buy adapters to fit it to their DSLRs.  It's a bit of specialty lens being so wide, but if you get up in your target's grill, you'll get good results!

Nikon 24-70 F2.8

-Standard pro wide to mid level zoom, it does everything you can ask of it and more.  While big and heavy like most pro lenses, it is lighter than the bazooka it resembles, and it makes for a great walkaround lens for any FX SLR.  Some complain there is no Vibration Reduction (Nikon's image stabilization  and while it would be nice at night, F2.8 and modern sensor performance goes a long way to making this a non-issue most of the time.    

Nikon 70-200 F2.8

-My newest toy, and the standard pro-telephoto lens.  It's big and heavy and great.  Assuming you don't mind hauling it around you'll get amazing bokeh (the nice blurry backgrounds many covet) and tack sharp performance on modern body.  

Nikon 70-300 F4.5-5.6

-My old zoom lens, a much lighter and more manageable travel lens that actually has more reach than my newer one, but does so in reasonably sharp, if not a dramatic or quite as pretty way.  Basically it works well but won't produce as many keepers as it's bigger cousin.  Also much cheaper to be fair.    

Nikon 50mm F1.4

-My lightest and smallest lens, this is a prime (non-zoom) with massive low-light capabilities, great for carrying around all day and forcing yourself to zoom with your feet and think about composition! It also happens to be great at night and inside and be able to blur the front and back of one's nose while keeping the middle tack sharp!  Get one!

So some mix of the above is my bag at the moment, I"ll try and write a bit more about the other technological wonders that do all the picture taking for me!