I've played a lot of IOS games over the past few years and I can't remember having quite this much fun.  The game in question is called Ridiculous Fishing, and it's an apt title.  The basic premise is that you're a fisherman with several local fishing holes in which to ply your trade.  You toss in a lure, a simple one at first, later upgraded with a chainsaw, hairdryer, and toaster, and then the fun begins.    

On the way down the key is to not catch fish.  Actually you want to avoid them, instead working your lure down to the deepest depths where the more valuable fish are found.  Once you reach the end of your line or accidently hook something, then you start to reel it all back in.  During this phase you attempt to catch everything you can with your line potentially holding 50+ fish at various points along the way up.  Avoiding some of the nastier fish is also key, jellies and the like, as they are only bad news once you get them out of the water, subtracting from your take.  Later line upgrades such as the bowling ball and oil drum allow you to start deeper, making it easier to penetrate the depths unscathed.    

It's at the surface that RF earns its ridiculous rating.  Rather than bringing the fish onboard your boat, your character instead flings them up into the air and begins to open up at them with a variety of weapons hoping to shoot them all before they fall back in the water.  Dollars are earned only for fish shot, not for fish hooked, a critical distinction here.  In the early stages one might be forced to try and plink fish with a mere revolver, but one quickly earns the cash needed to upgrade to a shotgun, uzi, or eventually a space based laser or bazooka.  Each gun has different characteristics as do the fish being caught, with all having unique names, stories behind them, and varying dollar values.    

It’s addictive as all great IOS games are, but also allows the player to progress and buy upgraded gear without having to grind away for hours at a time earning little money.  The ultimate challenge in the game is catch each of the fish listed in your handy fishing guide, with some fish only found in certain holes and at specific times of day or night.  Your phone’s actual time of course is mirrored in the game, so one has to either literally fish at midnight or set your clock ahead as required. 

Overall it's a fantastic game, one that I can't recommend enough, well worth the nominal outlay and a great balance of strategy, fun, and amusement.  Do give it a look.